16 February 2011

Queen Bee by Chynna Clugston

This classic teen girl theme shown often in movies and books is given a fresh feel in graphic novel format. Clugston depicts a wonderful imitation of middle school, full of cliques, boys, insecurities, and coming of age. The stark black and white images seem to show that individuals are actually more alike than they realize, but that their subtle unique characteristics make them special. As the new girl at a new school, Haley’s main goal is to make everyone like her, and she very quickly becomes the Queen Bee of the Hives, the most popular group of girls in school. However, when Alexa shows up as the next new girl, Haley discovers that they both share the same psychokinetic ability, and both girls realize that they can use their ability to hurt other people. With the help of true friends, like Trini and Jasper, Haley soon realizes that being popular is not as wonderful as it seems.

With detailed graphics and a lot of explanatory dialogue, this initial volume of the series is highly recommended for middle grade graphic novel readers.
Call number: YA GRAPHIC CLUGSTON (Teen Room)

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