16 February 2011

Eva Underground by Dandi Daley Mackall

An American professor brings his eighteen-year-old daughter to Communist Poland to assist in the underground freedom movement, and they have to watch each step they make so that the militia will not be suspicious of their reasons for being in the country. Although Eva misses everything back home in Chicago, she comes to understand why her father needs to help, and she eventually falls in love with Tomek. Despite all her misery at the beginning of the novel, Eva chooses love over the comforts of home when she is offered the chance to leave the struggles of Poland and return to her old life.

A love-beats-all-odds romance may attract teenage girls, though there is an assumed understanding of what life was like in Communist Poland, without further information to reinforce the story’s historical context. The inclusion of some Polish words adds to the authenticity of the setting, and a list of vocabulary is provided.

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