16 February 2011

The Nannies by Melody Mayer

In the form of popular chick lit, The Nannies tells of three teenage girls from different backgrounds who all have their own reasons for wanting a job as a nanny in California. Kiley, Lydia, and Esme form a support system, helping each other through situations with boys, their families, and traumatic teenage life experiences. While some readers will enjoy the sights and brand name clothes of Hollywood, others will see right through the unsympathetic characters and fail to be drawn into their world.

The perspective of each girl is revealed in alternating chapters, creating a light and quick read, and those who liked the Au Pairs, or who want a nicer version of the Gossip Girls, might request The Nannies. The Nannies has broad appeal for high school girls.
Call number: YA MAYER (SERIES) (Teen Room)

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