16 February 2011

Hitch by Jeanette Ingold

Seventeen-year-old Moss Trawnley’s main focus is providing for his family, despite what sacrifices he needs to make. The Depression has made times hard for everyone, and once he loses his job, Moss figures that the best way to help his family is to find his father who ran off years ago, deserting his farming business, wife, and children. He does find his father, only to find him drunk, jobless, and homeless. Moss realizes that he wants to do better for himself than his father has done, and when the opportunity comes along for him to join the Civilian Conservation Corps, he accepts it. During his six-month commitment to the Corps, he makes a diverse, loyal group of friends, and along the way, he is also faced with making choices that may save – or destroy – an entire community of people. In the midst of formidable conditions, Moss reminds his fellow enrollees, “we came here [to the CCC] and saw how, by working together, we’ve got the power to change things. You want to give that up?” Moss truly comes of age, having learned that he has a place in the world and that through hard work, dedication, and heart, a man can make a difference in the world.

Call number: YA INGOLD (Teen Room)

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