01 July 2010

Ostrich Boys by Keith Gray

Blake, Sim, and Kenny can't believe that Ross is dead. They also can't believe the sham of the funeral that his parents gave him, complete with every loser from school who never even cared about Ross while he was alive. So -- after some graffiti retribution on the homes of a select few -- the trio decided to honor Ross with the funeral he deserves. Ross always wanted to travel from his English hometown to Ross, Scotland because "[h]e thought it would be cool to be Ross in Ross." All the boys have to do is figure out how to steal Ross' ashes (without getting in trouble)and travel a day there and a day back (with one map and not a lot of money. And without getting into trouble). What the boys don't bet on is getting caught out so quickly, the cops, girls, or Ross' own secrets to interfere with their plans. But they also weren't counting on motorbikes, girls, or even really each other to help them get from Point A to Point B in the end. It isn't all about where you wind up, but what you learn from the journey.

This isn't a typical road trip novel. It's also not a guy's guy book. But it certainly is an exploration of the unexpected and the unspoken. Recommended to all high school readers who like their books with a twist, a heartbeat, and an adventure.

Call number: YA GRAY (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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