28 July 2010

Sylvie and the Songman by Tim Binding

The book Sylvie and the Songman is a whirling story about a silent Earth. A man called the Songman is learning to sing all of the animals' songs, from lions to birds. Using mysterious bottles called SongGlasses, he is silencing and enslaving every last animal to gain complete control over the world. Only one girl with a legendary Mark can stop him. Her name is Sylvie, and her father has been captured by the Songman. Accompanied by a faithful dog named Mr. Jackson, a wild fox, and a nerdy boy, she will attempt to end the Songman's rule over the world and rescue her father. However, she will discover that sometimes, people aren't always who she thinks they are.

Call number: YA BINDING (Teen Room)

Reviewed by Alon.

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