16 July 2010

The Sight by David Clement-Davies

The book The Sight by the renowned Clement-Davies is a stunning starter to a saga. Written as a breathtaking masterpiece of animal fantasy, this book is intricately designed to mirror the life of an everyday wolf...with a twist. In this book, the tyrant of wolves in Transylvania, Morgra, has the power of the Sight. She can see through the eyes of birds and call upon the dead. When a pack of wolves decides to fight against her, they find that magic can come from within. They also find that fear is the best weapon, and they learn to never dismiss the fact that one of your children may have the Sight as well. A Mona Lisa of literature, this book can be widely accepted as one of the best animal books this world has ever experienced.

Call number: YA CLEMENT-DAVIES (Teen Room)

Reviewed by Alon.

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