14 April 2011

Shadoweyes by Ross Campbell

Have you ever wished that you could be a superhero?  That you could wipe out all the bad in the world?  That you could make other people happy and be happy?  That you could be the answer to pain and loneliness?  Unfortunately, we've learned from many of our traditional superheros that in order to relieve pain in others, pain often needs to be absorbed elsewhere.  Taking on the burdens of others can sacrifice the superhero himself.  Or herself.

Scout is NORMAL.  She's seventeen, she's part of the Neighborhood Crimewatch, she likes kittens (at least she wants to save battered ones), she loves her mom, and she's not always as tough as she thinks she is.  When she finds that she has the ability to transform into Shadoweyes, she takes on her mission to eliminate suffering diligently and seriously.  But when this ability actually traps her inside her new form, she must learn to figure out how to balance being a community superhero (with a shady reputation) with keeping her mother and her friends safe and coming to terms with never being a "normal" girl ever again.  (The sequel, Shadoweyes in Love, is available July 2011.)

Bold black-and-white images serve to enhance the dramatic adventure as well as to intensify the learning and growing that take place inside Scout as she battles with herself and her world.  Recommended to most comic book readers, especially those who secretly wish for a bit of a superhero inside of themselves . . .
Call number: YA GRAPHIC CAMPBELL (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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