18 April 2011

3 Runner Up -- NLW Teen Poetry Contest

Your FairyTale

You built yourself a fairytale
A world of castles and Dragons
You created your knight in shining armor
To fight with you through everything
You dreamed yourself some dragons
Tu guard and to protect you
You built yourself a tower
To watch over your kingdom like a hawk
You created yourself a pedestal
You were above everyone
You had your moment in the light
You had your time in power
You built yourself a FairyTale
But you didn't think of how to disassemble it
Your kingdom is crashing down on you
Your knight has turned against you
Your dragon is breathing fire over you
Your tower windows fogged up
The pedestal you built yourself is crumbling down
Your kingdom has fallen out from under you

If only you had built a way out.

Written by Danielle, age 14.

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