14 April 2011

i. d. : Stuff that Happens to Define Us edited by Kate Scowen & illustrated by Peter Mitchell

A compilation of stories that are simply written, filled with complex emotions and behaviors, highlighted with straightforward illustrations, and supported by brief backgrounds of the authors, all tell very personal tales of individuals figuring how to deal with life and how to uncover who "you" are.  Some of the authors tell stories of betrayal, fear, longing, and heartbreak, and all delve deeply into the heart and soul of the individual.  But the most wonderful thing about this collection is that it doesn't feel heavy, or overwhelming, or depressing.  Nor is it over-dramatically inspiring, or unrealistically hopeful, or fake.  It is a seemingly perfect balance of what it really feels like to be stuck in a teenage time -- knowing that there's a whole wide world up ahead of you, but truly feeling like everything is here and now and just too much.  The stories are quick to read and teens (and adults) of all ages will be able to find themselves, perhaps along with a bit of perspective.

Recommended to pretty much everyone.  Pick it up; it really is a quick read.  
Call number: YA 155.5 SCO (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian

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