02 July 2009

Lemonade Mouth by Mark Peter Hughes

This story is for the outcasts. The rebels. The loners. The activitsts, innovators, expressionists, and those who desire to be more - so much more - than how the world labels them. This story is for those who are who they are, and don't need to prove anything to anyone. This story is for those who don't even know who they are yet.

Naomi is Olivia's best friend and the self-recognized Scene Queen for Opequonsett High School's school paper. And she's now the "official biographer" who attempts to tell the full, complete story of the creation and development of the band, Lemonade Mouth. As a journalist, she collects pieces of the story from each of the key elements: Wen (trumpet) is looking forward to finding some new friends (any friends would be great, really) in 9th grade; Stella (ukalele) is the dumbest member of her scientist-activist family, is the new kid in town, and is like six feet tall; Charlie (drums times 10) is always getting teased about his weight and his frizzy hair, and he just wants a chance with Mo; Olivia (vocals) is a little overweight, super quiet, and kind of weird (maybe you would be too if your mom skipped out when you were little and your dad's in jail for armed robbery and manslaughter); and Mohini (bass) is totally struggling with her desire to make her Indian family proud and to live a normal American teenage life, complete with a boyfriend. Oh, and of course, there's Mrs. Reznik who used to be a bassist with the Newport Philharmonic, but now she's stuck in the basement in a high school where the music program has been eliminated.

Alternately hilarious and heartwarming, Lemonade Mouth's music touches lives -- especially their own -- in ways that each member would never have thought possible.

Recommended for readers and musicians of all ages.
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Reviewed by kate the librarian

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