16 July 2009

Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

Cadel Piggott is a genius. Really. At age seven he was brought to see a psychologist because he kept getting in trouble as a result of his manipulation of computer and security equipment. By his thirteenth birthday, he was in his 11th year of school and was causing traffic jams, demolishing building construction, and had the capability to wreak general havoc on his classmates and the surrounding community. After high school graduation, his adoptive parents agreed to enroll him at the Axis Institute, an institute of higher learning that was founded by his long-time psychologist, Thaddeus Roth. The institute was designed to "tap into the unrealized skills of those who have lost their way in a community of fosilized values and blunted minds."

Once at the Institute, Cadel becomes more and more aware of the differences between himself and the other students and teachers. He begins to recognize a pattern of evil, blatantly obvious from some of the course titles: "Computer Science" was Infiltration; "Accounting" was Embezzlement; "Law" was Loopholes. What Cadel does not yet realize is that he could be responsible for complete destruction, without even trying.

For more, check out Genius Squad, the sequel to Evil Genius.

Recommended to middle school readers interested in action, adventure, mystery, and odd suspense!

Call number: YA JINKS (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian

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