25 July 2009

Honor Society

I recently went to a Jonas Brothers concert for their 2009 World Tour. There was a band touring with them called Honor Society. I've never heard of them (until now) and I think their music is fantastic! I recommend for teens to check their music on iTunes or buy their album in stores today!

Reviewed by Caroline, age 12

There is currently nothing available in our libraries by Honor Society, but you can check out a variety of music by the Jonas Brothers through the Franklin Lakes Library collection.

Lines, Vines and Trying Times: ROCK CD 4108
Jonas Brothers: Music from the 3D Concert Experience: J CD 3117
2009 Grammy Nominees: ROCK CD 3892
Radio Disney Jams 10: J CD 3088
A Little Bit Longer: ROCK CD 3633
Disney Channel Holiday: J CD 3027

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