08 June 2009

This Book Isn't Fat, It's Fabulous by Nina Beck

Sometimes girls need their guilty pleasures, and this book could be one of them. There is something about this book that makes you want to keep reading without even coming up for air.

Riley Swain is fabulous. “Fabulous, in Riley-speak, is more than just what you wear, or who does your hair. Those things are obviously important, but fabulous is the way you hold yourself, the way you inspire others to treat you.” So, that’s better than being rich or beautiful, although she’s also both of those things. Riley thinks that her only real problem in life is that she’s in love with her best friend, and he’s the only boy just not that into her (and he’s not even gay). Her father thinks that her only real problem is that she’s overweight. So despite her boy troubles, she’s sent off to New Horizons Program for Young Ladies . . . also known as Fat Camp. Riley didn’t think she could be any more fabulous, but things can always get better.

The story is predictable, but the characters are fabulous. From the start, Riley is happy with who she is, despite what others think of her, but she also finds out how to be a better friend, and better to herself. This is a quick fun read, with a bit of a turn away from the typical girls-who-have-it-all. Recommended for high school girls. (Coming up next: This Girl Isn't Shy, She's Spectacular.)

Call number: YA BECK (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian

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