11 June 2009

Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott

Another tragic story of death bringing life into perspective. Through a series of first person narration and letters to her best friend Julia, Amy tells the story of Julia's death, but she also tells the story of her own insecurities, dreams, and family problems. Amy's parents never wanted children, and have ignored her for most of her life. Now that she's sixteen and the cause of her best friend's death, all of a sudden they think she's an important part of their lives. Amy didn't have many friends before except for Julia, but now everyone at school avoids her, except for Mel, Patrick, and oddly enough, Caro. And all Amy can think about is how many days Julia's been gone, and how many days it's been since she's had a drink.
We meet Amy as she finishes up a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse, we follow her through therapy sessions (both formal and those other unplanned sessions with Patrick), family movie nights, and a visit to Julia's grave. Time doesn't heal all wounds, but we watch Amy grow stronger with each choice that she makes.
Recommended for high school readers.
Call number: YA SCOTT (Teen Room)
Reviewed by kate the librarian

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