29 June 2009

Book Club - JULY 8 - The Saga of the Bloody Benders by Rick Geary

This addition to the Treasury of Victorian Murder series delves into the minds of the family notoriously known as the Bloody Benders, and with black-and-white graphics explores just a piece of their murderous journey through the wild west in the late 19th Century.

This great graphic novel invites fantastic discussion based simply on:

Ø Speculate on who the Bloody Benders are, where they are from, where they went, and what they did!
Ø Describe how the town reacts to the drama going on in town.
Ø Describe how the time period and geographical nature of the Kansas Frontier affect the events of the story.
Ø How might the story of the Bloody Benders have been exaggerated over time? How much of these events do you believe are true?

Snack ideas: Mmm… something bloody??

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  1. For that week's discussion, we actually made flapjacks (um, pancakes) using an electric griddle! So fun!


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