26 February 2009

Life of Pi by Yann Martel

I just finished reading Life of Pi, which has been notabley recognized by teens and adults alike since its 2001 print publication. Actually, I should specify that I've just finished listening to the story. In general, I have mixed feelings about audio books. At times I've listened to books that take my breath away and I can't imagine having experienced the story in any other way; at other times I wonder what my opinion of the book would have been if I had just read it in a traditional manner, without distraction.

Life of Pi is the multiple-award winning story of a zookeeper's son, a Bengal tiger, an orangutan, and a zebra. Yet, it is also a story that questions concepts layered in philosophy, religion, survival, family, and perspective. Many of the philosophical questions raised were intriguing, and the religions points made were insightful... But in the end I was left with the feeling that I just didn't "get it."

Instead of writing a formal review for this title, I'm much more curious to hear the reflections from other minds...

Call number: FIC MARTEL


  1. I feel slightly bad that I talked this book up so much and it didn't meet expectations. Haha. Not sure how much to get into it (I don't want to ruin anything for your readers...)

    I think what sold me was the ending. I mean, the survival aspect of the story is pretty... basic (right word?). It's got some of your fictional fantastic elements, some of your realistic problems, etc. But when he just busts out with the whole, "Okay, fine. Here's another story."

    I guess I got wrapped up in this struggle. What Pi had to do and how he coped. The comment on humanity and how messed up we can be, and then in the end, when everything else is boiled away, what are we left with?

    Still one of my favs. Maybe you should (re)read the ILLUSTRATED version. Because paintings make everything better. Just sayin! :)

  2. Don't feel all that bad; it isn't just you. (For example) I was at the middle school the other day and heard a girl say that she just finished reading it and really liked it.

    Maybe I'll reread your illustrated copy... But I might need some time to be ready for it.


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