19 February 2009

War Is . . . edited by Marc Aronson & Patty Campbell

War is many things to many different people. Aronson and Campbell have put together a book of stories that draw from the perspectives of soldiers to touch the hearts and minds of civilians around the world. This book is a collection of stories, letters, and news articles written by those who have seen wartime first-hand. Some of the writings tell the story of cruelty and heartbreak, while others illustrate the freedom and exploration of first-time independence. War Is . . . does not attempt to make judgment on war itself; it simply exists to tell the stories of those men and women who decided to serve their country, both in the past and present day. The book comes from the perspective that those of us who have never experienced war from the inside can never understand it; therefore, it is essential that we respect war by listening to the stories it creates. Marc Aronson says, “I believe that it is criminal to ask soldiers to fight for us without listening to them.” None of these stories glorify war, and yet none spare us the gruesome or joyful details that emerge from some experiences. This collection simply tells a story, and asks the reader to strive for his own understanding.

This book is recommended for high school readers, or other mature readers interested in the history of war, the military, and American men and women who have fought, and continue to fight, for their country.

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Call number: YA 306.27 ARO

Reviewed by kate the librarian

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