06 March 2009

Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

As if high school couldn’t be bad enough on a normal day, imagine your ex-boyfriend writes a song about your breakup and sings it in front of everyone you know. And then that song makes him (and you) famous. We’re talking MTV, paparazzi, fangirl famous. Audrey was bored with her boyfriend Evan who seemed to have a one-track mind anything Evan-related, especially his music and his band, the Do-Gooders, so she broke up with him. Between the time of the breakup and the time the band was to perform at a club in front of someone from a record label, Evan wrote the song-of-all-songs entitled “Audrey, Wait!” Who knew that just months later, “Audrey, Wait!” would be heard across the airwaves, from California to New Jersey? Now everyone either knows who Audrey is, or wants to know. And Audrey just wants to get back to a normal life, where her best friend Victoria isn’t obsessed with marketing Audrey’s image or keeping up-to-date with the latest Do-Gooders news from around the world; where her new boyfriend James doesn’t have to worry about being stalked, photographed, or generally harassed; and where her parents aren’t overwhelmingly protective (even more so than usual) or constantly upset by interviews taken out-of-context. This book is laugh-out-loud with random antics and sarcastic humor. Each chapter is headlined with lyrics from bands that could inspire the most unique playlists. And just when you start to think that this story couldn’t get any more fun, it totally does. Surrounded by a well-developed, well-rounded cast, Audrey’s might be the truest voice you can find in current teen fiction.

Recommended to you and everyone you know.
Call number: YA BENWAY (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian

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