03 January 2011

War Games by Audrey and Akila Couloumbis

Set in a Greek town during World War II, Petros, his brother Zola, and their cousins feel pretty safe.  The war feels far away from their normal life.  But first they have to navigate around Italian soldiers, and then the German military takes over.  Petros's older cousin is away fighting for their safety, and no one knows how bad it will get or when it will end.  When a German Commander is expected to move into Petros's family's home, no one knows how safe they'll be now.

War Games tells a story that never gets any easier to hear about young boys and girls living during a time of war.  This is based on the true story of the experiences of one of the authors, and suspense is built with detailed writing to force readers to take the time to get through the pages, skillfully depicting the realistic day-by-day insecurities of not knowing what comes next.  Recommended to middle school boys, particularly those with an interest in histories and stories about war.
Call number: YA COULOUMBIS (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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