11 January 2011

Taken by Norah McClintock

Steph has never been content living in the small town that she and her parents moved to a few years ago.  Two years ago her dad died in a car accident, and now her mom is dating Gregg and things for Steph have just felt worse and worse.  She and her mom fight a lot -- mostly about Gregg -- and she doesn't have too many friends.  She even lost her Grandfather shortly after being able to spend an entire summer with him learning about the woods, nature, and survival.  As if things weren't annoying enough, now her mom is being overprotective since two young girls have been kidnapped and one has been discovered murdered right outside of town.  Everyone is worried about a serial killer.  Steph wasn't worried until she was walking home alone at the end of a the day and felt an arm come tightly around her body, hand tightly over her mouth.

Waking up with her hands and feet tied together in an abandoned shed in the middle of the woods was probably the scariest moment of Steph's life.  But now she must fight her way out of the unknown woods, escape her kidnapper, and frantically avoid being the serial killer's next victim.  After a history of running away, will anyone be looking for her?  Will anyone believe who took her or where she's been?  Recommended especially to reluctant readers and anyone looking for a quick suspenseful read!
Call number: YA MCCLINTOCK (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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    this is a super good book!


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