07 October 2010

Going Bovine by Libba Bray

Most reviews would describe Going Bovine as weird.  Complex.  Convoluted.  Intense.  I've also heard the highly accurate (I would assume) comparison to a "trippy acid flashback."  I'd use all of those words to describe this tome as well, but I have to add one: fascinating.  Unquestionably fascinating.

Cameron Smith is sixteen years old and his most outstanding quality is that he just doesn't really care much about anything.  He's not incredibly social, but he's not incredibly awkward either.  Until weird things start to happen to his mind, anyway, and the doctors diagnose him with Mad Cow Disease.  Now, he's oddly the center of attention, but worse than that, he's going to die.  When he's admitted to the hospital (which is supposed to help him how?), he meets Gonzo, a Mexican-American Dwarf gamer, and Dulcie, a punk rock angel.  When Dulcie guides Cam to take a road trip to find Doctor X, the only doctor who can cure Cam's illness, Gonzo comes along for what ends up being the most entertaining and action-packed road trip adventure known to mankind.  

In this story, you'll find drunken college frat parties, talking yard gnomes, Fire Breathers, musicians, scientists, and Viking Gods.  But you'll also find what it means to live life, experience adventure, fall in love . . . even as reality slips through your fingers and disappears before your eyes.
Recommended to all high school readers, though you won't all get it and you won't all like it.  Either way, the audiobook version is worth a shot.
Call number: YA BRAY; YA CD BRAY (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate.

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