20 October 2010

Cardturner by Louis Sachar

The summer of his seventeenth year, Alton's mother forces him to spend time with his "favorite uncle" in order to try to work the family's way into the blind man's last will and testament.  Alton has to accompany his great-uncle, Trip, to his bridge games and act as his "cardturner."  Basically, he has to do whatever Trip tells him to do (both during the card game and any other time they are in each others' presence), no questions asked, no hesitations.  What is first an insufferable chore, soon becomes quality time between Alton and Trip, and Alton learns a lot about bridge -- and his uncle -- during the course of the ensuing two weeks.  When Trip passes away, there is more at stake for Alton than just his uncle's will, including uncovering the mysteries of the heart and mind.

The book includes an index explaining a lot about the game of bridge.  The audio intersperses these detailed explanations throughout the story.  This story is especially recommended to younger and older readers who are interested in discovering more about a classic card game that is making a resurgence in popularity among all ages.
Call number: YA SACHAR; YA CD SACHAR (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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  1. Yeah, not really impressed with this one. Of course, I was never interested in learning about bridge...

    Perhaps reading the book wouldn't have been too bad, since I could have glazed over the explanations, plays, etc. In hindsight, I'd have stayed away from the audio for sure.

    Now I will forever associate fog horns with things I don't understand (or care about).


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