21 June 2010

Cat in the Hat

The movie Cat In the Hat seems like a kiddish movie but it's really funny. I could watch it over and over and still laugh!!! But it's rated PG because some parts are....intense for younger kids.

Call number: J DVD D; J FAMILY DVD D

Reviewed by Jonathan.


  1. Maryan18:45

    WOW!!!!!!!! They made a movie out of that. I have to check it out. LMAO

  2. Anonymous15:09

    i think that is a cool movie too. i watched it a couple of years

  3. adecot15:53

    the movie was so funny but the book was better

  4. Anonymous14:14

    I thought it was a funny movie. Most of it was like the book.

  5. Anonymous16:08

    I reallly liked that movie. I really thought that the baby sitter was funny because she was always sleeping. Haaa!


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