26 May 2010

Book Club - MAY - i am the messenger by Markus Zusak

Discussion questions can be found at Hennepin County Library's BookSpace!

What do you think made Ed pick up the gun and go after the bank robber?
What would you do if you suddenly started receiving cryptic messages like Ed did? Would you tell anyone? Would you try to figure them out and do what they said?
How does Ed’s life change after becoming the Messenger?
Who did you think was sending Ed the cards?
Why were the messages written on playing cards instead of regular paper? Why the aces and joker?
Why didn’t Ed go to the police?
Do you think Ed would have ever felt inspired to change his life if he had never received the cards? If not, would his life still have been as purposeful?
What does Ed do to help Father O'Reilly?
Do you think that each of Ed's tasks are equally important, or are some more important than others?
What was the point of Ed's second mission for the Ace of Spades?
Do you think that the sender was right to put Ed in dangerous situations?
What does Ed's mother mean when she says "It takes a lot of love to hate you like this"? Do you think she did the right thing to treat him the way she did?
Imagine you were in Ed's position. Which of these would have been the hardest to do? Which would have been your favorite?
Who is the Messenger? Why did he do all of this?

Leave your comments for discussion! What kind of food or activities would you pair with this story?


  1. Did I miss the review? After I talked about it forever. Haha.

  2. We just finished this book. Great choice for a discussion. Should generate a lot of talk. We've actually started reading a lot of Zusak's books

  3. No, you didn't miss the review. We read it for our book discussion this week, so I was just posting questions for them. Don't tell anyone, but I actually haven't finished it yet... I'm halfway through and I really, really LOVE his voice. I can see how this book in particular would make the reader want to check out all of Markus Zusak's writing.


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