09 May 2010

Bayou : Volume One by Jeremy Love

This graphic novel tells the story of a poor black girl who is betrayed by her white best friend and now has to save her wrongly-accused daddy. This is a pretty sterotypical reproduction of the idea of the "poor black girl" and the "rich young lady," but the storytelling and imagery is absolutely magical. When the writer and artist draws in fantastical elements and talking animals, the result is even more enthralling. This is the first in a series of published comics that first appeared online at ZUDACOMICS.COM. Like lots of graphic novels, this is a super quick read that will stay with you long after your finished looking at it. It's certainly worth it. (Barnes and Noble lists a publication date of January 2011 for Volume 2.)
Recommended to all ages.
Call number: YA GRAPHIC LOVE (Teen Room)
Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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