14 April 2010

NLW Teen Poetry Contest -- Third Place!

Winter Tree
The bare trees hold themselves up straight
But occasionally shiver in the cold.
They sway back and forth
As the breeze tickles their exposed arms.
They shake like a dog that is soaking wet
That just escaped from falling in the pool.
They stand in one place reaching for the sun,
Anticipating grabbing some warmth.
The wind sounds like a flat music note
Swiveling and scurrying between each branch
The powerful whisper vibrates along the trees
Sending them in utter shock to move.
The branches are so fragile and flimsy
That they could easily break off with one snap.
With branches as delicate as a baby birds' wings,
They want to be secure and steady.
The trunk is the heart and soul of the tree
That spreads life into each branch.
Each branch attributes a quality to support the tree
Through every season during the year.
A single tree cannot survive on its' own,
For it needs every other tree in order to live.
With a single breath, and a single sway,
It can keep a whole forest alive.
written by Margaux, age 15, Saddle River Day School

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