14 April 2010

NLW Teen Poetry Contest -- First Place!

Thank you to 25 young writers for submitting entries to the Third Annual National Library Week Teen Poetry Contest at Franklin Lakes Library! And the winners are . . .


It's been a long time
Since the old man lifted his eyes
His gaze has been shifted to the city's demise.
His name has been stripped of value and lore.
Despite the lives they have cost once before,
His words have been muted by the frenzy of war.
His face is a parchment of creases of time
His palms have a vision, patterned by line.
It is not he who is blind, reader, it's you,
Unable to tell the false from the true.
The man can predict the motion of skies,
You are defenseless in History's eyes.

written by Sasha, age 15, Indian Hills High School

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  1. Rules of eligibility as stated on the entry form: Create and submit an original poem or song. Entries should be no more than 250 words. Contest open to those in Grades 7-12 who live or go to school in the Franklin Lakes area only.

    For this contest, "the Franklin Lakes area" includes, but is not limited to, anyone attending Franklin Avenue Middle School, Ramapo High School, or Indian Hills High School.

    Any questions or comments can be sent directly to Kate Vasilik, Teen Librarian at Franklin Lakes Library, kate_thelibrarian@yahoo.com.


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