13 December 2009

Lips Touch : Three Times by Laini Taylor

Lips Touch is the compilation of three separate stories, all with a similar nature. Whether it's goblins, demons, humans, or spirits, love can lead to unexpected things. In “Goblin Fruit,” Kizzy's heart begs to be loved and for just one kiss she might be willing to risk her soul. “Spicy Little Curses (Such as These)” introduces the reader to the pain and the power of Hell, and to a woman named Estella who can journey back and forth to Hell to make deals and trades and bargains to save lives on Earth. One of those deals results in a curse that goes unchallenged for years until a young man challenges a beautiful woman to voice her love for him. And in “Hatchling,” three women all rely on safety from the same man, a man who is in love with the woman who is a danger to the other two. In a world of demons and unreliable memories, one wonders how much strength love provides. Laini Taylor is an elegant storyteller, and the illustrative talent of Jim DiBartolo enhances the inherent beauty of printed words.

Recommended to older readers, especially those with an appreciation for the short story. Due to the strong fantastical elements, underlying fairy-tale themes, and a focus on love and romantic destiny, these stories will likely appeal particularly to girls and those who love fairy-tale retellings.
Call number: YA TAYLOR (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian

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