11 November 2009

Break by Hannah Moskowtiz

Jonah would be an average teenager if his family wasn't so dysfunctional: his parents should be divorced, his brother Jesse is allergic to everything (no, really), and baby brother Will seriously won't stop crying. The only normalcy in his life is his beautifully calm girlfriend Charlotte and his best friend Naomi. He'd be just another average teenager, too, except for his obsession with breaking every bone in his body: 206 in total. He's gotten almost 20 already, and Naomi is documenting every bit of it on film. Only Naomi and Jesse know that Jonah is hurting himself on purpose, until Jonah finally admits it to Charlotte, who tells the principal and he gets sent to a temporary facility for teens with similar mental issues and self-destructive patterns.

Why does Jonah hurt himself? Well, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and Jonah's family needs all the strength they can get. Except, to what end?

The ending is a bit too neat for me, but the journey to get there is fascinating. Plus, Hannah Moskowitz is a teenage author and that's bound to appeal significantly to many readers. Recommended to high school readers.
Call number: YA MOSKOWITZ

Reviewed by kate the librarian


  1. intresting thoughts...

  2. Porkchop19:58

    i didnt realize you had a blog about what ya books to read.. good work porkchop. now im going to ready everything you read :)

  3. it's not exactly a blog about what YA books to read, but more what YA books i've read, you know? but, yes, definitely look through and see what sounds interesting! i'm behind, but hopefully i'll have some new stuff up soon.


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