26 August 2013

Invisibility by Andrea Cremer & David Levithan

Stephen is invisible. In his 16 years, he has never not been invisible. No one has ever been able to see him - not his mom before she died, not his dad who moved away and started a new life, not the doorman to his building, not anyone. He's never been to school, and he's never had a real friend. He's been an observer in a world that doesn't know he exists. . . . Until someone does know. He doesn't know how and he doesn't know why, but Elizabeth can see him. And soon, they both become determined to find out both how and why. Against all odds, Stephen and Elizabeth take on the world that they soon discover is more dangerous than anything they've ever encountered. 

I'll admit, David Levithan, an author I respect and enjoy deeply, disappointed me with this publication. (The co-author, Andrea Cremer, is the author of the Nightshade series.) The story is just "good enough" and the writing quality is lacking, making it all-in-all not at the top of my recommended reads. But it fits the bill for light, quick fare for those who enjoy magic and fantasy and a fluffy, dramatic romance. It's a quick read, so - if only for the sake of an author who almost always gets it right - give it a try!

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