21 May 2012

A Long Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan

Rose is sixteen, but she was born 100 years ago.

The setting for Rose's world is somewhere in our future, where there have been significant leaps in technology and business, and her family has been at the forefront of most of it. She is the only child in a very rich, politically-connected family, and she's never known anything different. Her parents travel a lot for work, and when they do she is put into stasis, a dreamlike state that slows ones body down to just a step above death -- your body ceases to grow or change, and when one wakes up it feels as though only a moment has gone by.

When Rose is kissed awake by a young man, she discovers that 62 years have passed, the world has undergone major and disastrous changes, and everyone she knows is long gone. She must learn to accept her new world and her new life, through her heartache, her confusion, and her unwelcome fame.

Those who enjoy dystopian novels will be able to get into this story before too long. For some, it might take some more time to become absorbed into Rose's life, but those who stick with her will be glad they did. This novel from first-time author Sheehan fits in solidly with the rest of its genre. Recommended most to scifi teen girls.

Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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