29 September 2011

The Memory Bank by Carolyn Coman, illustrated by Rob Shepperson

So this is what dreams are made of . . . or rather, this is where dreams are stored, alongside all the memories that are created through experience, knowledge, and love.

Hope loves her sister Honey very much.  But when Hope's parents literally leave Honey behind, they tell Hope to forget her sister.  Hope is devastated, and finds it hard to obey her parents.  She revels in seeing Honey through her dreams, so she starts to sleep as much as possible.  When she is approached (and sort of kidnapped) by the World Wide Memory Bank because of her deficiency in submitting memories, she discovers a whole new world where she doesn't have to forget, and maybe where she can find her sister again!

All at once tragic and wondrous, Hope's story is one of, well, hope.  Recommended to older elementary and younger middle school readers.  I loved this story as much for the visual storytelling as for the emotional punches.

Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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