03 August 2011

A.D. : New Orleans after the Deluge by Josh Neufeld

Author and cartoonist, Josh Neufeld, follows the experience of seven individuals whose lives were completely altered in the destruction and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  In 2006, it was predicted that Katrina's path would run straight through New Orleans, Louisiana.  Based on past experiences with hurricanes, or driven by loyalty to their homes, or frightened and heedful of the warnings to evacuate the nearby cities, some residents chose to ride out the storm at home, and some choose to seek solace elsewhere.  Some individuals were rich, many others were poor; some were flanked by family or materials, and others had next to nothing to lose.  All were greatly traumatized by the resulting storm.  By the government's response.  By the conditions of support, or lack there of.  And by the efforts to rebuild.

Denise, The Doctor, Abbas and Darnell, Kwame, Leo and Michelle tell Josh Neufeld of their real life experiences living through Hurricane Katrina and the resulting flooding and destruction of a famous city.  Through words and pictures, the impact of these stories is heavy without being overwhelming.  The author is able to present these lives in a way that invokes understanding and a true emotional connection.  I found myself crying over comic books, but rallying in support of those who are still struggling to regain their sense of home.  Recommended for absolutely everyone.

Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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