23 July 2011

Bumped by Megan McCafferty

Melody and Harmony have nothing in common except for their identical DNA.  They were separated at birth, handed over to different families, and raised without the knowledge of the other's existence. Only recently has Melody, to her horror -- and Harmony, to her joy -- become aware that there is someone in the world just like her.

America has encountered a time during which it is impossible for women over a certain age to get pregnant and reproduce.  Society now can only look to teenage girls to continue to produce offspring, and as a result become pregnant is not only the popular thing to do, but it is an expectation and a responsibly placed on all girls.  Even though Melody is under contract with a wealthy family to "bump" with another "repo" (reproductive professional), she isn't convinced that she wants to satisfy this business and societal requirement.  Without the knowledge of Melody's contractual situation nor her personal dilemmas, Harmony leaves her Christian community to find Melody and help direct her moral compass.  But nothing is really quite as it seems, and it's all too easy to slip up, even within the best laid plans . . .

The interesting concept behind this dystopian existence isn't played out quite as effectively as I would have liked to see, but the story is interesting nonetheless and should be enjoyed thoroughly by female readers.

Reviewed by kate the librarian.

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