31 March 2011

Jersey Tomatoes are the Best by Maria Padian

Henry Lloyd is a killer tennis player, and her best friend Eva Smith is a prima ballerina.  Both girls absolutely love their sport, love their home state of New Jersey, and love each other enough to get them through just about anything, including the insanity of their parents.  Henry's dad is currently her coach and he's very hot-tempered, especially when it has to do with Henry's tennis.  And Eva's mom has focused her entire life around Eva's ballet.

This summer, Henry has an opportunity to go down to an exclusive summer tennis camp in Florida.  Being separated from her best friend would be super hard if Eva hadn't also gotten a great opportunity -- entrance into a ballet summer school in New York City.  So, everything is working out fantastically!  But, Henry starts to see attitudes emerge that she doesn't like, mostly from inside herself.  And Eva is succumbing to the ultimate dancer stereotype during her battle with weight and control.

Readers will skip right along with Henry and Eva as their alternating chapters reveal more and more about themselves and their dreams.  Henry is a much more three-dimensional character than her best friend, with a much more interesting storyline in the end, but either way, girls (especially Jersey girls) should enjoy this read.
Call number: YA PADIAN (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian

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