07 September 2010

Congrats to our Summer Reading Creative Writing Contest winner!

The Make Waves Creative Writing Contest challenge was to submit an original piece of writing that somehow, someway tied into the overall theme of water or the Teen Summer Reading Program slogan "Make Waves." Margaux was chosen as the library's winner. Congrats Margaux!

As I sit on the Hilton Head Island beach in South Carolina, I stare out into the ocean and look as far as I can see. It goes on for miles and miles, but all I see are waves crashing onto the smooth sand.

The rough waves break onto the surface. But once the impact is over, the ocean releases the salty water and it gently glides across the shore. The sea quickly pulls the water back in as if nothing happened. I continue to gaze at the shoreline and this action continues to happen. Each wave rocks back and forth from the massive waters to the soggy grounds.

The waves sound like airplanes flying by on a clear day. It also sounds like leaves rustling against one another in a heavy wind. The noise makes for a soothing crash that can put me to sleep instantly.

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