21 March 2010

Book Club - MAR - Nation by Terry Pratchett

From Harper Collins: Only two survivors remain after a giant wave crashes upon an island. Mau's village is destroyed and the voices of his Grandfathers demand that he rebuild everything just as it was. Daphne's ship has run aground and the voice of her grandmother reminds her that she is just 138 people away from being an English princess -- she should NOT be mucking around on an island.
Nation is a Printz Honor Book.

Here are some questions to start you thinking about different ideas from Nation. Join us for a discussion of the book on Wednesday, March 31!
From Harper Teen Reading Guides:

  • How does myth influence Mau's living situation and outlook on life?
  • What do the English and the islanders have in common regarding religion and lifestyle? What role does religion play in their lives? Do their gods cause them to have different values?
  • What are the functions of religion and science in the book? Are religion and science similar? How do they help people?
  • What does Mau learn about belief in the course of the story? What do readers learn about belief and stereotypes?
  • What is the purpose of manners? How do they help or hinder Daphne's interactions with Mau and the other characters? Are there manners that transcend culture?
  • What does it mean to be ethical? Is Daphne's killing of Foxlip ethical? Does the ruling of the court affect your opinion of Daphne's ethics?
  • When does a child become an adult? How do you define the difference between children and adults?

Possible activities and food??

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