11 February 2010

Too Cool to Be Forgotten by Alex Robinson

The title and dedication “For the loners, losers and outcasts. May you show them all someday” of this graphic novel imply a light, fun read without too much sustenance or depth. This expectation would be met certainly with an overwhelming storyline. We meet Andy Wicks as a grown man – a husband and a father – who has finally agreed to hypnotism in another attempt to quit smoking for good. We follow him into his therapy session and then end up back in his high school, where he is a geeky teenager. Andy is forced to face a variety of social and family moments, including his father's impending death (of Lou Gehrig's Disease). He is allowed the ability to be angry with his father for dying, as well as to recognize what is important in his own life.

Recommended to all readers, not just those reminiscing as adults. The emotion in this graphic novel is raw and authentic and the shift from adult to teenage perspective adds an extraordinary layer of depth to the story.
Call number: YA GRAPHIC ROBINSON (Teen Room)

Reviewed by kate the librarian

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