30 September 2009

Eminem : The Way I Am by Eminem (AKA Marshall B. Mathers III)

Rap star and pop culture icon, Eminem, tells a candid tale of his life in the music industry in the 1990s and 2000s. Most readers can’t help but know some of the background of Eminem’s young life, or his infamous song lyrics, or his outspoken attitude toward other musicians and society in general. Marshall Mathers spent much of his early and teenage years in a trailer park in Detroit and entered into the rap scene in high school with the guidance of good friend and mentor Proof. As a poor white guy, Eminem had to fight for his rightful place in the spotlight, and Proof – the black guy that knew everyone – helped him claim just that. Eminem talks about it all, including the times in his life when the fame, the money, and the rap scene became overwhelming. He talks about his daughters, his relationship with Kim, and his passion for his music. As is typical of the rap artist, Eminem doesn’t hold back, but neither is he blatantly crass, gratuitous, or obnoxious. In fact, he comes across as funny, passionate, and sincere in this authentic autobiography of an intriguing life.

Recommended to high school readers and adults interested in the life and music career of this infamous artist.
Call number: BIOG EMINEM

Reviewed by kate the librarian

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