21 September 2008

Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt

Courtney is stuck traveling with her recently-ex-boyfriend, Jordan, from their homes in Miami to begin their first year at Boston University. Told from alternating points of view and switching between the time spent in the car during the roadtrip and the events leading up to the breakup, this unlikely tale is full of secrets and revelations. With each character’s input, the reader learns more about the characters themselves, as well as the backstory, colored by additional storylines. Nothing – the characters, the backstory, or the sidestory – ever becomes more than two-dimensional, the story is full of predictable plot points, and a bit more careful editing wouldn’t have hurt the final product. However, the characters are interesting enough to hold the reader’s attention for as long as it takes to get through to the end. It’s a quick, fun read, if ultimately unoriginal. Two Way Street is an optional purchase, and the number of mentions and insinuations of drug and alcohol use and sex might limit it to older teen collections in public libraries.

Recommended for high school readers.
Call number: YA BARNHOLDT (Teen Room)

Reviewed by Kate the Librarian

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