17 April 2008

Second Place - Teen Poetry Contest

The World

A wimper
A cry
A scream
Silence . . .

Listen to this endless Void
Your scream of emptiness
All alone
Fading . . .

Existing in nothing
Living in a lie
There is Nothing more
Hiding the Truth

How quaint
Hearing the story of heaven and Hell
When it's already obvious
You are burning away . . .

Striving for nothing
Life is meaningless
Holding onto fleeting illusions
So hurting, so wanting . . .

The world gathers around
Empty faces, hollow eyes
Death everywhere
How strange, hear them scream of uniqueness

Walk, jog, run, sprint
How funny
You can never escape
Endless eyes watching, and watching . . .

Run Away! Hide Away!
Until you finally die
From hollow eyes, empty souls
Running into darkness . . .

Weep, sob. Why are you crying?
Hiding away in the darkness
Crying in that corner
All alone, with empty strings pulling and pulling

Your final scream
Your cry of freedom
Your shout of difference
Oops! Too late

You are already dead
Walking with empty eyes
Hollow strings tugged tighter
Laughing, laughing, such a quaint smile

Search and find
Oh! There's another one
Let's heart it scream
Let's let it Die once more . . .

This is what was lost
This is the truth

Welcome to
Our beautiful world . . .

written by Kevin, Indian Hills High School

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