17 May 2006

The Plan

There are numerous ways I would like to use this blog as part of my daily library routine. I want to make it chock full of librarianshipness (a new word that a friend of mine just made up), without being too librariany (a new word that I just made up).
  1. To maintain a schedule of teen programming.
  2. To post teen book reviews; encourage teens to post their own reviews.
  3. To be an advocate for teens in libraries - loudly and clearly!
  4. As a method for distribution of press releases and highlighting positive public relations.
  5. Increased interaction with the teens by encouraging them to help me maintain this blog.
  6. Create a joint newsletter-blog, with lots of teen contribution of pictures, writings, ideas, suggestions, evaulations, etc.
  7. To mix ideas with lots of other library-world people.
  8. To tell everyone what my favorite books are, and to scream about how reading for fun is so great.
  9. Discuss the benefits of reading aloud, even to people who have the ability to read on their own.
  10. Because I should have known how to blog like 8 years ago.

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  1. I just wanted to leave a comment on my own blog to see what it looks like. :)


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